Tim's Star Wars RPG


End of play 03 Feb 2017:

Mex-32X is on Boonta receiving upgrades from Proto-One (at his Scrap Heap).

Princess Alina Dendrup and Mineth – now joined by Slick, a human Bounty Hunter who was sent to attack them but (after a battle) they convinced to join their cause – have jumped into hyperspace with their coordinates set for the Koler system; attempting to find the wreck of the ‘Sanctuary’. They have with them some (possibly Jedi-related) artefacts which they smuggled from the Phelar University archive (on the planet Eriadu) with the help of Ashur Sungazer.

The heroes were referred to Sungazer by a friendly astromechanic based outside of the city Cron Eisley on the planet Boonta – Cole Alder.

Previously Alina had taken 1st prize in the annual Boonta Speeder Race; earning the group a 10,000 credit fee – and (more importantly) information about Alina’s father: The Lost King Slepp) from Nej Vondar.

Will the heroes find the Sanctuary, and what will they encounter there? Will it lead them to a deeper understanding of The Jedis and The Force??


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